Winning new business at the County Mall

Accident Specialists Crawley held and event at the County Mall in Crawley to gain exposure and win new business.

We spread the word about Accident Specialists and what we can do for our customers. Many people we spoke to were surprised how easy it is to make a claim with Accident Specialists - from or initial meet where we take down some of your details - we do the legwork for you.

We are not like most personal injury and claims companies who bombard yo with calls and false information - we will be straight with you from the start and will guide you through the whole claims process - keeping yo uniformed along the way.

Since our exposure at the County Mall we have won some new business and strive to keep our customers happy.

"I never realised it was so easy - the system Accident Specialists have in place makes the claims process straight forward and simple. I have already recommended them to friends of mine!.“